Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to change accountants?

If you decide to change accountants, the process is very easy. You need to give your new accountant authorisation to ask your current accountant to release your accounting and tax paperwork. Your new accountant will then contact your old accountant as a professional courtesy asking if there is any reason why they cannot take you on as a client and asking for the paperwork. To ease the process, it is best to ensure that you have paid all fees due and let your accountant know that you are changing in good time so that they don’t incur any additional costs.

Why should I change accountant?

Whilst price is a consideration for many it shouldn’t be the main reason for wanting to change. Accountants are not all the same and there are some who will be able to offer a service which better meets your needs. It is important to consider what is important to you and find an accountant who meets your expectations. For example, you may only want a basic no frills remote service or you may prefer a personal local service from an accountant who can also help you grow your business. Finding the right accountant could save your business effort, time and money.

Which software do you recommend?

For most small businesses, I recommend Xero. It is the world’s easiest online accounting software which is also very powerful. See Online with Xero for more information.

I don’t need my accounts completing yet, when should I contact you?

As soon as possible. Using an accountant isn’t just about completing year end accounts, it is about getting the best advice all year round.

Does it matter if I am not local to Northampton?

No, we have a mix of local and remote clients. We believe good communication is important but this doesn’t need to be face-to-face.

Why use a Chartered Management Accountant?

Chartered Management Accountants have a particular expertise in commercial accounting. They are trained to be forward thinking and use financial information to help businesses make key decisions. Many Chartered Management Accountants are experienced finance professionals who have real experience of working within and therefore understanding businesses. They help with forecasting and strategic decisions as well as providing business advice.