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Sole director and maternity pay

Sole director and maternity pay This article has been inspired by the number of clients that I currently have who are sole directors of limited companies and are pregnant and want to take some maternity leave. Can sole directors take statutory maternity leave? Yes,...

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Directors Salary 2014/15

What is the optimum for directors’ salaries in 2014/15? The rules to determine the optimum directors salary for 2014/15  have changed slightly with recent budget changes to personal tax allowances and the introduction of the employment allowance.   The old way The old...

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Companies House and HMRC fake email alerts

Fake email alerts Fake email alerts from Companies House and HMRC have become increasingly sophisticated. There was a time when it was relatively easy to spot a fake email alert but even accountants have been caught out by recent fake email alerts. And it isn’t just...

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High Income Child Benefit Charge

High Income Child Benefit Charge   The High Income Child Benefit Charge (HICBC) is a tax charge which repays part of the child benefit received by high earners earning over £50,000 to a 100% repayment for those earning over £60.000. It applies to child benefit...

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A quick guide to business survival

How to help your business survive in the bad times The way we do business has changed considerably in the last few years. The prolonged recession has been felt by many small businesses and business survival has become a reality for many. Cash is scarce, credit even...

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